Cooking Freedom

Siemens' FreeInduction allows you to place pots and pans anywhere on the cooking surface, no longer constrained by fixed cooking areas. The Induction cooktop automatically identifies the number, size and placement of the pots and pans on the cooktop and adjusts the heat to each individual area.


siemens-freeInductionFull-Color TFT Display

The cooktop's full-color TFT touch panel boasts optimal contrast and high resolution so that text is clearly discernible from every angle. Usage is simple and intuitive, creating a supremely user-friendly experience which translates into absolute, at-a-glance control at every moment.

Innovative Technology

Under the ceramic glass surface, 48 conductors automatically identify the shape and size of the cookware and activate the heat only where needed. With Siemens' FreeInduction, you can place pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop without being restricted by fixed cooking areas.

Source: 'Siemens' official website